Headwall & Trash Screens

Access Covers design and manufacture an extensive range of headwall gratings, trash screens and pipe mounted gratings.

Our product range encompasses Sewers for Adoption compliant gratings for pipe diameters greater than 350mm. The specification determines a minimum plusage of 170mm wider than the overall diameter of the pipe.

Depending on the intended application, specification of 100mm bar spacing’s is standard.¬†Singular or double hinged units are available with the option of a padlock facility.

For all bespoke fabrications, a drawing will be supplied prior to manufacture for approval. In cases where the supplied product location has critical dimensions or considerations, an in context model including the head wall or surrounding environment will be supplied.

In addition to headwall and trash screens. we supply orifice plates manufactured from from either high grade mild steel and hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO1461 or high grade 316 stainless steel. Fabricated to suit flat headwalls and curved chambers to meet the clients specification and ranging from 5mm to 15mm material thickness. Our orifice and restrictor plates are the final accompaniment to your water management project.

Options Include

Supporting Beams for Multi Tier Platforms
Countersunk Slotted Machine Screw Locking
Security Screw Locking
Socket Cap Locking
Padlock Facility
Hinge Facility
Fully Stainless Steel 304
Fully Stainless Steel 316
Powder Coated