Product Images

Flood alleviation project

First phase consisting of a trash screen, working platform, handrails and headwall orifice plate.

Second phase consisting of a two tier trash screen, working platforms with personnel access, handrail system with lockable access gates and headwall orifice plate.

The Final phase on the outlet head wall and handrail system.


National Grid

A selection of powder coated products for National Grid. Including red and blue hidden hinge, spring assisted solid top units, complete with galvanised ladder style fall arrest.


Water Authority Pump Station Covers

A variety of neoprene sealed solid top access covers, including a unique 7 part unit 3400mm x 2200mm with threaded lifting points, ladder style fall arrest with individual covers, all of which are 4 screw locking.

Additional 2 and 4 part covers were also supplied, complete with neoprene seal, pull up hinged mesh platforms, turnbuckle locking, recessed padlock boxes and an external demountable handrail system.


Prestigious London Department Store

Certainly one in a million! Neoprene sealed, 2 part cover with interlocking covers, complete with 6 screw locking points. Locking points were concealed by unique trays, designed around an existing finished floor tiling layout.


Stainless Steel

All of our product range is available in stainless steel, ranging from plain seated gully grates to curved orifice plates.


Standard Products

From left to right, A 4 screw locking solid top, complete with an integrated sealing plate. Recessed concrete infill tray, complete with sealing plate. Finally, a badger grille.